Underwater sea scooter 

An underwater scooter allowing you to dive under water just like a fish! This is the improbable bet and highly evoked by the Seabob. Being no more or less than the commercial version of the underwater thrusters (used by the army and the special forces), this device gives a whiplash to the world of nautical activities. Good news, Marco’s Jet offers the rental and sale of Seabobs in the French Riviera.


Super sophisticated water toy of very simple use, the Seabob tows you under the water without any effort. Equipped with a turbo powered by an electric motor, this machine can reach speeds sometimes impressive for the aquatic environment (up to 20km/h). Suitable for all ages, it is based on a rather instinctive control: the user will guide it with the help of only the rocking of his body.

The Seabob is also equipped with an LCD screen listing all the indications necessary for its proper use (the remaining active battery rate, speed, the depth you are in, etc.).


For your first purchase, Marco’s Jet guarantees a complete and personalized accompaniment. From delivery to handling, our professionals will ensure the proper use of the machine and your safety.

And because the acquisition of such a machine can be very expensive according to the models, opt for our rental service. Rich with powerful models and meticulously maintained, our rental models will guarantee you moments of undeniable pleasure.

For any other information concerning our rental and sale of Seabobs in the French Riviera, send your questions via the online contact form.